Latex Clothing Care Guide

Latex clothing care guide

Taking special care of your latex garments is absolutely crucial as it is a natural based product. If you follow these guidelines you can feel secure in the knowledge that your second skin will look beautiful and last you many, many years to come.

Things that damage your latex clothing

Avoid he following things completely if possible or at least minimise exposure to them as much as possible.

1. Sunlight
2. Moisture
3. Oils and Greases like oil based body products and make-up
4. Solvents including nail polish remover
5. Heat – latex burns
6. Sharp objects

Cleaning Latex Garments

Never machine wash, tumble dry or iron latex.

Only wash your latex outfits by hand in warm clean water. Gently massage marks with your fingers to remove them. Take care to wash both inside and outside and follow with a rinse in clean water again.

If you find stubborn marks, a little soap can be applied but avoid any soap that has oil or solvents present. Take special care to rinse all soap away once you are finished.

Shake of any excess water and hang to drip dry. Before you store your latex outfit turn it inside out to ensure it is completely dry.

Some colours may take on a noticeable milky or cloudy appearance when washed, fear not as this will disappear once the rubber has dried.

Latex Storage

Store your your outfits in a cool, dry, dark place. It is very important that your latex clothing is perfectly dry before you store it and powdering the insides will prevent it from sticking to itself and subsequently getting damaged when prying apart. It should at no point be in contact with metals, as rust marks are tough to remove, but if it is unavoidable separate the latex from the metal with tissue paper. Ideally you want to store your latex in a bag or container that is air and light proof. You can store more than one latex outfit together in this fashion but make use of tissue paper to separate them. It is also advised to not store dark and light items together.

How To Shine Latex

Getting a good shine on your latex clothing, such as you would see in professional latex photography, requires patience, a gentle touch and practice. The longer you have it the more times it gets shined, the shinier they will become.

Correct product usage is important. The natural gloss of your latex will be enhance with a high quality silicone based product such as the Pjur Cult Spray. Do not use household polishes on latex rubber as most will damage the sheen and even deteriorate the latex. Do not use any abrasive cloth when polishing as this could scratch the surface, a soft cloth is recommended.

Oil based products should be avoided.

For your very first treatment of you outfit use a soft damp cloth to wipe down every little bit. Take extra care on the glued seems where there will be talcum powder pressent. Apply Pjur Cult Spray to another cloth and wipe if evenly over the entire garment and let it sit until almost all the liquid has been absorbed by the latex. Flip the latex outfit over and repeat. There is no need to wipe the shining agent off, just spread it evenly. Do not rub hard as this will wipe away the shine or in extreme cases damage the surface of the latex. Do this under good lighting to ensure you do not miss any bit of it.

We at Lotuscede would also like to recommend the usage of a special dressing agent such as Pjur Cult Dressing Aid when adorning your latex clothing as this will make it much easier and it will help condition and care for you latex product.

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