Anal Beads – Fun Factory Bendybeads



Luxurious 100 % body safe anal beads. A necessity for any one who loves anal play and lets be honest, who doesn't? 26.2 cm of sheer delight. Insertion is amazing but the real pleasure comes upon slow sensual removal only to start all over with re-insertion.



Anal Beads – Fun Factory Bendybeads

From the very first bead to the final and biggest one of the Bendybeads Anal Beads you will writhe and shudder with pleasure. Now grab the handle yourself or get a friend to and get ready for the next level in sexual arousal. If you love anal play or you are just learning to love it this delicious little sex toy is a must have.

Fill yourself with fun, one bead at a time. Anal beads are a playful addition to anal play and can be enjoyd by both men and woman regardless of your sexual orientation. Some may choose to draw a very defined line between sexual orientations but at the end of the day what or who you are attracted to has no effect on what feels good and each of those anal beads will feel so good you will forget the draconian mind set and give into pleasure. The Bendybeads anal beads are suited to beginners and pros at anal play, accompanied by one of the top notch water based lubes we stock here at Lotuscede it is sure to bring a measure of pleasure with just a touch of pressure.

Fun Factory creates playful, thoughtful and visually stunning sex toys and the Bendybeads anal beads are no exception. Designer sex toys are the future and we’re living it now, never before in history have we been able to please and sexually stimulate ourselves and our loved one better than today. Start your anal play journey today with your very own 100% body safe silicone anal beads and get ready for one hell of a ride.

Lotuscede recommends using the Bendybeads anal beads for anal play with a friend or by yourself whether your a guy or girl, beginner or avid anal stimulator.

Silicone sex toys are great

  1. hypo-allergenic (good for sensitive skin)
  2. non-porous (waterproof and easy to clean)
  3. smooth to the touch (for the pleasure of it)
  4. flexible and durable (it will last a long time if treated kindly)
  5. body safe and free of harmful chemicals

The Fun Factory Bendybeads anal beads are best used with the highest quality water based lubricant like the ones we stock here at Lotuscede. Only use water based lubricants when playing with your silicone sex toy to ensure your anal beads lasts as long as possible. Clean it before and after use with either warm soapy water or one of our toy cleaners and wait for it to dry before storing it away.

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Additional information

Noise level

None – Non Vibrating



Power source

None – Non Vibrating


Made from body safe silicone


26,2 cm Ø 2 cm – 3,4 cm

Pleasure Technology

Designer bumps for increased insertion pleasure and removal delight

Toy Type


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