G-Spot Massager – Nexus Gyro

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Hands free g-spot massager or prostate massager. Super silky silicone finish with a large round base designed for you to sit on during intimate play by yourself or with someone straddling and riding you.

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G-Spot Massager


Feel the back arching delight as this Nexus Gyro g-spot massager slips in with its impressive girth and seductive curves. This particular beast of please is a male g-spot stimulator with motion in mind. The large and easy to hold base was designed with the intention of sitting and rocking on. Experience unparalleled stimulation playing with yourself of with some lovely creature mounting you with this hands free prostate massager.

Nexus Gyro is flexible with just enough bend to allow freedom of play and shaped to hit you’re prostate in just the right the way. Expect great pleasure during use but also upon insertion and removal. This delightful little prostate massager is hands free so it allows you to do anything to yourself and is an exceptional additive to sexual intercourse.

Lotuscede recommends using the Gyro G-Spot massager for prostate stimulation by yourself or with someone naughty and even though it its not strictly designed for use by woman it is very functional and will provide GREAT pleasure to the female g-spot.

Silicone sex toys are great

  1. hypo-allergenic (good for sensitive skin)
  2. non-porous (waterproof and easy to clean)
  3. smooth to the touch (for the pleasure of it)
  4. flexible and durable (it will last a long time if treated kindly)
  5. body safe and free of harmful chemicals

Lotuscede wishes to emphasise that it is extremely important that you only use a water-based lubricant with your Nexus Max 5 as silicone lubricants can dissolve the surface of the silicone toys and make them unusable. Most water-based lubricants are suitable for use with latex condoms, which is useful to know if you plan to share your Nexus Max 5. We always advise that a condom is used over any toy that is shared by multiple partners, as this will prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

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Additional information

Noise level


Power source




Pleasure technology

Large Bulbous Base For Hands Free Gyrating Action


Luxury Brushed Silicon – Silky smooth to touch and 100% body safe


196mm x 40mm


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