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Smartballs Duo Kegel Balls. Luxurious and 100% body-safe. Designed to be worn during any normal day to train and strengthen the womans PC muscles. Use as preventative measure and as treatment for already damaged PC muscles.



Smartballs Duo Kegel Balls

Use the Smartballs Duo Kegel Balls to strengthen your PC muscles for heightened sexual sensation and heightened sexual experience. Kegel Balls were designed with woman’s health in mind. Regularly used by woman who’s PC muscles have been compromised or injured during pregnancy, child birth, pelvic operations or over exertion.

The PC (Pubococcygeous) muscle is commonly known as pelvic floor muscles and support the uterus, bladder, and bowel. Other factors that lead to weakened PC muscles are obesity, chronic cough, age or a genetic predisposition to weakened connective tissue. Using kegel balls before it becomes necessary could act as a preventative measure.

SMARTBALLS DUO is the easy-to-use training partner for those already trained with SMARTBALLS UNO, or those who already have a stable pelvic floor. Especially suited for experienced users.

Inserted like a tampon, the SMARTBALLS DUO adapts to the body and can barely be felt when worn. The constant, nearly soundless rotation of the inner balls works with everyday movements to set off muscle contractions, thereby strengthening the pelvic floor.

Short, regular training phases lead to the most effective improvements. As with any muscle group, the fitness gained goes away if training is discontinued. So even after successful stabilization of the pelvic floor, SMARTBALLS should be continuously used for maximum results.

Lotuscede recommends using the Smartballs Duo if you have already used the Smarballs Uno, or if you have never had PC muscle problems.

Silicone sex toys are great

  1. hypo-allergenic (good for sensitive skin)
  2. non-porous (waterproof and easy to clean)
  3. smooth to the touch (for the pleasure of it)
  4. flexible and durable (it will last a long time if treated kindly)
  5. body safe and free of harmful chemicals

The Fun Factory Smartballs Duo are best used with a small amount of  high-quality water based lubricant. Only use water based lubricants when playing with silicone sex toys to ensure your kegel balls lasts as long as possible. Clean before and after use with warm soapy water or a toy cleaner like the ones we stock at Lotuscede. Wait for it to dry before storing it away.

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Additional information

Noise level

None – Non Vibrating



Power source

None – Non Vibrating


Made from body safe silicone


Ø 3,2cm + Ø 3,6 cm, 10 cm (balls and link), 7,3 cm (band)

Pleasure Technology

"EASY IN"-finger mould for easy insertion with a easy removal band. Internal device designed to trigger involuntary pelvic floor contractions once insertedinto the vagina.


Toy Type


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1 review for Kegel Balls – Fun Factory Smartballs Duo

  1. dominique

    Well made product with a nice weight. However they are quite big for me and, although they caused no discomfort during use, I did find it quite painful to insert and remove them.

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