Sweetheart Latex Top And Hot Pants


Sexy sweetheart latex boob tube and hot pants cut latex panties two piece set. Styled in red and black with black bows on the sides and black lines down the front.

Please note, all latex items are made to order to your specific measurements.



Sweetheart Latex Top And Hot Pants

Two piece sweetheart latex set consisting of a boob tube top and hot pants.

Sweetheart Latex Boob Tube Top

A very flattering strapless and fitted cut featuring sweetheart shape neckline with black bows running down either side of the ribs and a full length zip running down the back. Two black lines run down the front over the breasts which lines up with the same lines on the hop pants.

Latex Hot Pants

Hot pants cut latex panties with a black bow on either side of the hips and two black lines in the front, one on each leg which ties the set together.

All our latex outfits are made from the highest-quality imported latex. Rest assured that your Sweetheart Latex Set will last many years if you follow the proper care procedures.

Lotuscede recommends Pjur Cult Dressing Aid and Pjur Cult Ultra-shine Spray to condition your latex outfits for longevity, visual appeal. The dressing aid also removes the need powder during dressing.

Size Chart

The size chart below will give you a good idea of basic measurements according to general sizes. Please take note that garments may differ slightly in measurements according to different styles. You may allow 5cm stretch limit on all your Lotuscede latex garments, aside from the corsets which have a double layer of latex and are a bit more ridged in limiting the stretch a little more.

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Additional information


To insure that we offer you the highest possible quality Lotuscede latex is specially imported from the UK. What we use is made from 100% pure natural liquid latex, gathered from Malaysian rubber plantations. The only additives are dyes, and glossing agents. This latex has also been manufactured with glossy upside and roughened underside to ensure a high quality finish and good key for sticking. The factory where it is made also manufactures latex for medical purposes and all their materials conform to the governing international standard ISO/EN 13485-2003 for Class 1 medical devices, as well as to American FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and many other international medical standards. Their production process involves extensive leaching of the sheeting to reduce as far as possible allergenic proteins in the latex. It has been found that many people who believe they have a latex allergy are actually allergic to the talc they are using so wherever possible, use medical-grade unscented talc with your latex, or a silicone dressing aid such as Pjur Cult.

Polishing, Cleaning and Care

Practically any polish or cleaner suitable for latex can be used to clean your Lotuscede latex garment, you can also use silicone spray with a little polishing to achieve a high gloss finish. We recommend the Pjur Cult Ultra-shine Spray. Do not use household polishes on your latex garment as most will damage it, oil based products should be especially avoided. Lastly remember to use a soft cloth when polishing as an abrasive one could scratch the surface of the latex. To clean simply wash by hand in warm water (not too hot). Massage the surface of the latex gently with your fingertips to remove any marks, stubborn marks can be removed with a little mild soap, but be sure to avoid any oil based products, and rinse after several times. Shake off any excess water and hang the garment to dry. Before storing away make sure it is completely dry both inside and outside. Never machine wash, tumble dry or iron. When storing use a dark dry space that is away from strong heat. To help prevent the latex from sticking to itself during storage you can lightly powder it. The following items could damage stain or prematurely age your latex. Please try to avoid the following: – Prolonged exposure to sunlight. – Prolonged exposure to moisture. – Oils and greases e.g. Make-up. – Solvents such as nail polish. – Heat, any excessive heat will cause damage, Latex burns so be careful around naked flames. – Take care with sharp objects too (including nails) as they can scratch or tear the latex.

Creation time : 3 – 4 weeks max.

Each Lotuscede garment is hand made upon order. Our completion time will depend on the number of orders being processed at the time and it could take anything between 1 – 4 weeks. Once you have placed your order you will receive an email-confirmation with details of your purchase as well as an estimated date of despatch. If anything on the email-confirmation is incorrect please email us at info@lotuscede.co.za so that we can make the necessary changes. Please note we can only accept changes to your order up to 7 days after your have placed it.

Postage time and cost

Lotuscede offers a free overnight delivery in South Africa to all of its customers for any purchase made.

Your order will be couriered to your door step through PostNet. There will need to be someone at the delivery address to sign for your parcel. Should this be a problem just add a note to us when putting in your order and the parcel can be kept at the nearest PostNet to your delivery address for you to collect.

Please note that we do not arrange delivery on customers’ behalf using customers’ own courier accounts. If you wish to use your own courier, you must arrange collection, delivery and payment directly with them yourself.


While we will make every effort to ensure your order is delivered safely and on time, we cannot take responsibility for failure of delivery, or damage to goods in transit, due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Return Policy

Subject to the provisions of sections 42 and 44 of ECTA the returns policy of Lotuscede is as follows: Products sold may only be returned within 7 (seven) days of delivery date, upon presentation of a receipt and on condition that they are returned in their original condition undamaged and unopened. Notwithstanding what is contained above and taking into account the nature of the Products sold by Lotuscede, the Customer may not return Products that have been opened, discounted, are on a sale, that Lotuscede has been expressly or implicitly required or expected to procure, create or alter specifically to satisfy the Customer’s requirements or intimate Products such as underwear, latex garments, intimate toys and intimate jewellery. Should the Customer return a product it will be done at their own expense and they will be liable for all courier or similar fees involved. These fees will be deducted from the purchase price of the product if a refund is required. In the instance of an exchange of Product, the Customer will be liable for the courier fees in returning the Product and resending the replacement Product to the Customer. Refunds, where applicable, on credit cards will reflect on the credit card used to purchase the Product. Bank transfer refund, where the Product was purchased with a debit card or via an electronic funds transfer will be processed within a reasonable period after all the necessary banking details of the Customer have been verified.

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