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Huge orgasms through anal stimulation for men

Lets start of by looking at, scrutinising and then laughing at the absurdity that anal stimulation in men is a purely “gay” behaviour. [insert insane laughter here] . The very act of referring to something as “gay” that is not two men enjoying each other intimately and then to use it as an insult on top of that is draconian and backwards. It’s on par with boxing necessary and valuable actions such as cooking, sowing or cleaning as “a woman’s job”… It’s not enlightened and being a heterosexual man does not automatically grant you the right to hate on everything that is not heterosexual or male.

We do not choose our sexuality any more than we choose the melanin content in our skin or eyes. There has been debate on this matter and some would say that it is a self made choice but it remains open for debate but no matter how people come to their personal sexual realisation it remains their right as it is the right of all people to live life the way they choose as long as they do not abuse, misuse or harm others against their wills.

Okay, now that I have chased the bigots away, us real men can start discussing the ins and outs of anal stimulation. They don’t deserve the mind-bending pleasure it brings anyway so it is 100% their loss. Jump to the technique

This article is however not a treatise on sexual alignment, it is a guide for all men to having the best orgasms of their life with the help of anal stimulation. In men, there is this walnut sized gland known as the prostate. The prostate plays a very important role during reproductive sex by providing 30% of the volume of semen and in helping regulate alkalinity in the more acidic vaginal tract. So whether its for reproduction or not, it works every time you ejaculate so we can say it is directly linked to your orgasm, in fact the prostate contains some smooth muscles that help expel semen during ejaculation. It makes sense that stimulating this little guy would affect your orgasms.

First time anal stimulation

first time anal stimulation manSo you’re a newbie to this scary arena and you just don’t know how to get started. To put it simply, go slowly, be gentle and use tons of lubrication. Your first time could be painful if you do not stick to these three points. I can not stress the importance of adequate quantities and high quality lube during this type of solo play enough. I suppose I can… It’s very important and you will regret it if you do not heed this advice. That’s stressed enough I think.

For your first time I would recommend you use your fingers only and get used to the sensation. You can use a very slim dildo or vibe but if you go too large too quickly it will hurt and you won’t enjoy it nor will you want to do it again and in so doing you will miss out on some exceptional sexual pleasure. These types of sex toys are designed for woman and do not have a nice wide base so, read on to find out why that’s a problem.

Don’t just jam it in there. Start by slowly circling the outside, applying ever increasing but gentle pressure until it easily slips in. Control your breathing and try to relax as much as possible (don’t clench). Do this for a while before you take the next step of buying a toy. It’s a journey of discovery, not a race. That overused adage rings true, its not the destination that matters but the journey.

This technique is also the best way of approaching anal sex with your female partner, and if done correctly, you won’t get the usual “NOT that hole” response but find that she also enjoys it and her orgasm will be amplified. She may even thank you.

The right type of anal dildo

For peak results you want to purchase a prostate massaging toy. These are different from toys designed to pleasure the female anatomy in that they are usually shorter and often have strong shaped, curved head or tip. It’s short because the prostate is not very deep inside the male body and the curve helps reach it as it is not positioned at the end of a straight tunnel to the crown of your head but rather in the direction of your belly button. You also have the option of using anal beads but due to their bendy nature you will have a harder time hitting your prostate.

but plug fun factory blackChoose an anal toy with a wide base: The biggest mistake you can make is using a sex toy that does not have a wide or long base section. The reason for this is that due to the strength of the muscles down there a foreign object will basically be sucked into your body and will not be removed easily, often times you may have to be hospitalised. Even a cursory internet search will reveal the number of people who have been rushed to emergency rooms with foreign objects stuck up their butts…don’t be a statistic. It also helps to choose one that can be grabbed easily for more control.

Choose a dildo that suits your experience level: I don’t think I need to say much on this topic other than if you go too big too quickly it will hurt. In time though you will find that you can handle bigger toys. This does not mean you are stretched out. The anus is a very flexible muscle and through exercising it you gain greater control and flexibility.

It must be made from body safe materials: Our bodies are fragile especially our intestines which are basically very delicate ecosystems. If you do not use 100% body safe silicones or 100% body safe EBS plastic you risk throwing everything out of balance which can lead to infections or in extreme cases poisoning from bad chemicals. This is definitely a case of buying cheapest costing you most.

Vibrating or not : This is really a matter of preference. Some will find a vibrating toy adds another level of continual stimulation whilst others find it weird or uncomfortable. If you aren’t sure of your preference go for one that can vibrate and simply don’t switch it on so that if you find later on you do want something extra you already have it in your favourite anal toy.

pjur anal lubricantThe right type of lube : The correct lubrication is important. Not only for comfort but also for the health of your toy. When using silicone based toys you want to avoid silicone based lubricants as they will start to degrade your toy by roughening the silicone. It literally eats away at the silicon. Your anal toy should be smooth for obvious reasons. Use a nice high quality water based lube for best results. You also have the option of anal specific lubricants some of which add a numbing effect which can make things easier or simply add some variation to your solo play.

Stimulating technique

So now you are at a point that it no longer hurts because you use enough and the correct type of lube, you don’t rush in and you don’t clench. You also have the correct type of dildo and you are ready to go. What now?

Start simply and don’t focus too much on the climax in the beginning. Though it is possible to achieve climax with nothing other than prostate stimulation it differs from guy to guy and will take some experimentation and probably plenty of time. Rather just enjoy the experience.

You are best off standing up and slightly bending over or sitting on your haunches. This allows you to engage your penis whilst not constricting your butt. Move the toy around in circles, slowly pull at it as if to remove it and then let it slip back in again before pulling it out. Choosing a toy with a handle of sorts makes this easier. Do this for a while and you will find your breathing gets heavier and a type of numbness starts to blossom around your face. Now pull it out completely and put it back in again, repeat until you simply can not hold it any more and only then proceed handle your penis.

Continue in this manner until you feel the orgasm about to embrace you and now let go of your cock but keep moving the dildo. You need not stick to the classic enter – exit technique and can simply apply pressure to the outside, massaging your prostate. Do this until the orgasm feels a little distant before taking up your phallic member again.

Try and perform this “edging” technique until you just can`t take it any more, and just as you climax, pull out the dildo or vibrator. Timing is crucial here for best results. You will have an orgasm unlike any you’ve ever had. The more times you bring yourself to the edge and pull back the bigger the orgasm so even if you think you can’t do it again, do it again. Be sure you are not around sharp corners or better yet, be sure you have something soft to slump onto because you may struggle to remain in an upward position.

This edging technique will work whether or not you use anal stimulation but the anal stimulation takes it way higher and makes it MUCH more intense. No matter how well you know your penis and how much time you have spent perfecting your solo technique you will not reach the same level of toe curling, gasping pleasure without something fun and curvy in your butt and the knowledge of applying it correctly.

This is an experience you can share with your partner. Some may look at you funny but most will actually be open to indulging you and may even respect you more for your honesty and self acceptance. There’s nothing sexier than a person whether they be male or female, that accepts their own sexuality and is open to new experiences.

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